Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Kitchen

This is what we've been up to in our kitchen:

At first glace, this appears to be a delicious chocolate chip cookie muffin:

But then look at this:

Ok, fine, it still looks like a chocolate chip cookie muffin but what it's suppose to look like is a chocolate chip lava cookie.

See that little strip of chocolate right in the middle?

That was supposed to gush out when you cut into it.

(Is gush the grossest word ever?)

Turns out someone was a little stingy with the "lava" part.

Either way, it tasted really good.

I'll be doing another version of these tomorrow that includes more chocolate in the center.  I might even go hog wild and add some peanut butter chips.


Original idea here.

Although, I didn't use the same cookie dough, I went with my old trusty family secret recipe.

And I would share that with you, but then my grandmother, Nestle Tollhouse, would roll in her grave.

This is Husband's contribution to delciousness in our home:

Boudain boulettes*!

I'm pretty sure I've never tasted anything quite so delicious in my entire life.

I may or may not be slobbering while looking at the pictures.

Boudain is a sort of cajun spicy rice dressing (I was going to link to some pictures and further explanation but good grief, all the pictures looked grody).

Husband made his own dressing and then we fried it up!

Here's my attempt at a foodie photo:

Assessment:  FAIL.

Apparently I'm not really the food stylist I always think I am.

But the dressing on top of it, a mayo and caper remoulade*, is fan-freakin'-tastic.

*I would just like to receive extra credit for this post since I totally used the correct culinary terms for both of these items.  

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Kami D. said...

Whoa. Your chocolate chip cookie muffin looks amazing. I am all over that.