Thursday, January 05, 2012

Such Great Things

1.  Carolyn and I just got home from the park where there was a man with a dog who kept going down the slide.  Not the man going down the slide, the dog going down the slide.  Then, he would run around and go down again.  Man, did I giggle at that.

2.  I drove down to Target today after planning out my shopping trip by reading the circular and clipping coupons.  I thought I was going to get these screamin' deals.  But then I got back in my car with my merchandise and receipt and realized that I'd only just gotten ok deals.  Guess I should have used my calculator before I bought rather than after.  I know everyone else already has this figured out, but apparently it's news to me.

3.  Yesterday I was going to try to get tough and make Carolyn switch over to the hard spout sippy cups.  Because for some reason, I thought she had to.  Well, an entire day of screaming, crying, and fit throwing ensued.  It was horrid.  She refused to drink anything at all and by the time she went to bed, I'm pretty sure she was dehydrated.  This morning, I decided that I don't really care what she drinks out of as long as she drinks.

4.  Carolyn had the worst smelling diaper ever a couple of days ago.  Instead of trying to clean it up, I made Husband come outside and spray her off with the hose while I held her still.  We may have traumatized her for life, but at least I didn't feel like I was going to vomit.

5.  Husband asked me the other day if I thought I could beat him at a 40-yard-dash.  Um.  PUH-LEASE.  Does he not realize that I'm a former Nevada State sprint champion?!  Of course that was *cough* 50 pounds and *double cough* sixteen years ago.  But I spoke right up and said, "Yeah!  Not only would I beat you, I'd beat you handily!"  Now he wants to train.  And mark the distance off on the street outside.  He says we will compete in one month.  When he asked how confident I am, I said, "I'll bet you $10!"  And of course, he said, "Well, ok.  If you lose, I want ten sassy dances and one of them has to include a cartwheel."  Excuse me, but that bet is totally disproportionate to the $10 I would win if I won the race.