Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Facebook says that today is our anniversary.

And, if Facebook says it, it must be so.

It was five years ago and boy, oh, boy were we naive back then.

Just look:

No one could have guessed the things that would happen in the first five years of our marriage.

And no one would have guessed that we would be able to handle those things because our relationship started out pretty precariously.

For instance, remember that I told Husband that I loved him three days after I started talking to him on the phone.

As in I hadn't even met him in person yet.

Really, could I have been more awesome/desperate-sounding?

The good news is that even after five years, Husband can still surprise me.

Like the time a couple of months ago when he told me he was thinking about purchasing a pair of Crocs.

And yesterday when he said he is thinking about starting his own blog.


Who are you and what have you done with my Husband?!

It's like I don't even know who he is anymore.

Husband and I celebrated our anniversary this morning by high-fiving it out.

Followed closely by me reminding him just how lucky he is to have me.

I would continue to elaborate about how much I love and admire Husband (because I do), but unfortunately, the 18-month-old proof of our love and commitment is currently shoving dried pinto beans in her ears.

And I'm not making the first ER trip of 2012 for a pinto bean extraction.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Rondi said...

Happy Anniversary Erin and Nick. May you have many more happy years.

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!
If I could get every couple in the world a present on their 5th anniversary, it would be the book The Five Languages of Love. :D
Game Changer, that book.
May you have many more happy anniversaries!
PS I haven't forgotten your question about acupuncture but you asked it while I was in labor, and then I had this emergency surgery to save my baby's life and it's kind of been a busy week...but I plan to write a post about it soon! XOXO

Brigit said...

Happy 5th anniversary! Isn't it amazing the things that life can hand you? but it's also Amazing what you can get through with the right person at your side.