Wednesday, January 04, 2012


The other day we were just sitting around gossiping like a gaggle of hens when Holli came up with this one, "Oh, you know, I love a rugged man."

Then she started listing all of the reasons why her husband qualifies as "rugged", the first one being that he totally gets some kind of camping magazine in the mail.

And, meaning no offense to either Holli or her husband, I laughed and laughed and made fun of how not rugged he is, even after he went ahead and flexed for us.

Not that my judgement of "rugged" is really fair to anyone.

Because there's rugged and then there's rugged.

I grew up amongst manly, gritty men.

I told them all about my brother, Jared.

Now there's a rugged one.

I've been trying to help him write a few sponsorship* request letters to various companies for his rock crawling team, Hooked Triangle Racing.

He builds his rock buggies from the ground up - as in designs them, builds them, and custom paints them.

Then, he basically drives them off the edges of cliffs (or toward the tops of them).

He's won awards and everything.


And maybe a little crazy.

I guess he's trying to find a new way to break all the bones he didn't manage to break during his eleven-year bull riding career.

I've been going through his pictures trying to find the best ones.

This is how it looks:

*If anyone who reads this blog happens to have an "in" with Rockstar Energy Drinks, Maverick, or Maxxis, and wants to contribute to Jared's outstanding display of awesomeness, we'd appreciate an introduction to their sponsorship committees.  And, if you live in the western US and you'd like to view the ruggedness in person, he'll be competing in W.E. Rock Western Pro Series, Cal-Neva Extreme Series, and Old School Rock Crawl during the upcoming rock crawling season.

9 comments: said...

Wow! Is he married? Because I know someone who would really like a rugged man.

Kyle said...

I use to laugh at your blog, now it just hurts and makes me cry... a rugged cry that is.

Holli said...

While I will not comment on whether or not I'm turned on by your brother, I will say that one time Kyle killed a mouse with one quick slapshot with a broom.

Now... can Jared do THAT?

PS - we are also looking for sponsors to further Kyle's rodent hockey career... if anyone knows anyone related to D-Con pest control products... or Mr. Clean... give us a holler!

Rondi said...

Kyle rugged? Kyle is a softie and big hearted guy. And Mr. GQ at that. Kyle always worries about fashion. Sorry, Kyle, rugged just isn't your style.

Erin said...

OH, SNAP! Kyle thrown under the bus by his own mother! No she di'int!

Holli said...

Wait? Can't a man be fashionable and rugged? Because Kyle totally installed a toilet paper holder in our bathroom the other day while wearing very attractive khakis and a sensible button-up shirt.

...and, I thought he was very rugged at the time...

The Livingstones said...

And I killed a rat with my shovel. Does that make me rugged? Just as a side note, if I were to ride in Jared's buggy on anything other than level ground, I'd probably pee my pants.

Erin said...

Can girls even be rugged? When I think of a rugged girl, I think of a granola lady. Maybe you can be a strapping girl.

I rode with Jared in Moab when he only had his jeep. And I'm pretty sure I did pee my pants.

The Livingstones said...

I think the word you're searching for is sturdy.