Monday, January 02, 2012

All the Other Stuff

1.  Carolyn and I were sick last week.  As in siiiiiiiiick.  I spent one whole day in bed or running to the toilet.  It was outstanding.

2.  Husband had a telephone interview with Merrill Lynch last Wednesday.  We're hoping for a call-back sometime this week.

3.  Yesterday was Carolyn's first day in nursery.  And guess what?!  She's a total bully.  She also eats the crayons and tries to climb on the table at least once every 30 seconds.  We're going to have to work on sitting down to color at home.  Because she is sooooo not into it.

4.  Carolyn being in nursery was freakin' awesome.  Like I didn't know what to do with myself during Relief Society when I wasn't having to drag her away from other people's bags and snacks.  You would think I would have listened to the lesson, but I kind of didn't.

5.  I was holding Shannon's boy, Kyle after sacrament meeting when one of the old ladies walked up behind me and told him that he shouldn't grab my earrings, but he should feel free to "grab other parts of ladies later on in his life".

6.  Husband and I are on a quest to make a perfect whole chicken.  Tonight we used a recipe that said it would only take 50 minutes to cook.  Instead, it took almost twice that long.  Of course, I didn't realize it wasn't done until after I'd pulled it out and ripped most of the majority of the skin off.  Great.

7.  My very favorite celebrity of all time, Johnny Weir, married his boyfriend this weekend.  I'm so sad he didn't marry someone I know.

8.  And speaking of celebrity marriages, the only thing that surprises me about Russell Brand and Katy Perry's divorce is that the marriage lasted this long.  I totally thought they'd pull a Brittany Spears and get an annulment after 48-hours.

9.  BYU and Texas A&M both won their bowl games.  Of course, BYU won by the skin of the teeth (against Tulsa, for heaven sake), but I suppose a win is a win.

10.  No body worry, I picked up some of those Christmas Carbury mini-eggs at the after Christmas sale for 50% off.

2 comments: said...

Hooray for nursery. I've got 5 months to go before Adam can get in there and be bullied around by Kevin. I hope Carolyn gets over the crayon eating. Apparently one week my son almost stopped breathing after taking a bite of crayon. I think he just plays now while the other kids color. He's just not that into it.
I can't remember what else you wrote about besides being sick. I hope you're feeling better. Oh, and good luck to husband on the job search.

Rondi said...

And I went to Target and bought a bunch of their mint M&M's. Emma lives and breathes them.
Glad you are feeling better. Have to get together soon.