Monday, January 16, 2012

A Can of Worms

1.  This morning I opened the stupidest can of worms I'd ever opened.  Carolyn was eating a banana.  As per usual, I was eating Nutella toast.  I figured Carolyn would like some of the Nutella on her banana, so I drug it across the top of my bread so she could have some.  Naturally, that made Carolyn think that she, too, could pilfer Nutella off my toast.  With her banana.  Or her fingers.  Or her tongue.  Or whatever.  She ended up with Nutella on literally every part of her body. 

2.  I taught the lesson in the ladies class at church yesterday.  I might have gotten a little out of control.  I always do when I'm in front of big crowds.  I'm not going to lie, I love the attention and therefore, may get a little obnoxious.  That being said, I was also perspiring profusely and therefore, had to attempt to keep my wildly flailing arms under control so no one would see my pit stains.

3.  The very best part of any lesson in church is when Bobbi King is in attendance.  She said yesterday that when we've told all of our family and friends about the church that we should head to the grocery store to the beer and wine aisle because there were always people there who needed to hear about Jesus. 

4.  I think I'm going to try to oil my hair.  I read something the other day about how Indian women always have beautiful hair and it's because they put almond oil in it once a week.  Of course, for the most part, they also have thicker, coarser hair than I do, so this little exercise might just make me more greasy.  But in my head, it's going to automatically make me beautiful.

5.  I have jury duty tomorrow.  Before moving to Texas, I never once got a jury summons.  Since I've been here, I've had three.  Two of them were cancelled because of hurricanes, though.  I was going to send in my exemption a couple of weeks ago and then completely forgot about it until I found the paperwork this morning.  Now I have to drive down there tomorrow and sit for who knows how long to tell them that I have a little kid and can't be chosen to be on the jury...also because we can't really afford for me to not be able to go to work right now.

6.  Jack-in-the-Box has the best cheese sticks ever.  Just so you know.

7.  I've been having lots of upper back issues and therefore, lots of headaches the past couple of weeks.  I figure it's because my posture has gotten really poor and therefore, my muscles have weakened back there.  I dug out the old resistance band and I'm going to go to work on them.  And also try to get my triceps back in the process.

8.  Since we turned off our cable, we're enjoying the use of our massive amounts of DVDs.  This mostly includes Arrested Development and 24.  I've realize that I've apparently never seen all of the final season of Arrested Development and that's a shame because good grief, it's funny.  Did you know that there will be movies based on both Arrested Development and 24 coming out soon?  I could not be more excited.

9.  I got an email from Amazon Mom the other day saying that their prices were going up 10% and that I am also going to lose my free shipping.  That means they've lost my business.

10.  So, because Huggies are so expensive, I switched Carolyn to the HEB store brand.  So far, she has pretty bad diaper rash, which I'm hoping will go away, since I bought a giant box of the diapers.  Don't ask me why I can't just buy a small package to check out how she'd react.


Rondi said...

Maren uses Target's own brand of diapers for Isabella. Has no problem with them. Good price too.
Wish I could have been there for your lesson. I am sure you did a great job.

Anonymous said...

I've been having the back pain and headaches as well. I thought it was just stress and allergy induced. I still stick by that because I can't afford a massage.

The Livingstones said...

Jury duty sucks. I had to farm my kids out for like 7 days to be on a jury. If I get summoned again, I'm going to tell them I have 4 kids and I don't leave the house....EVER. They act like you're trying to pull the wool over their eyes if you have any sort of excuse. I do know people, however, that would LOVE to do it. I wish they had some sort of voluntary list they could put their names on, so the rest of us don't have to do it. Incidentally, I saw the girl we convicted (of a lesser charge) in the grocery store the other day, so seriously, what was the point?

BexxT said...

I am going to second the Target brand! Kingsley switches back and forth between Target and Huggies depending on how chubby he is... The Target have less elastic than the huggies, but you can always size up. Also, the HEB diapers are way more expensive than they should be and they stink... You can pick up a small bag from Target to try them out for like $6 or less and they don't smell horrible.