Saturday, January 14, 2012

Slash, Slash, Slash

In a continued effort to slash our expenses, Husband took the cable box back to the cable company this week.

We did the math and figured out that with DVR and HD services, we were paying almost $75/month for cable alone.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like we were paying for it and not using it.

Because at this house, we are TV watchers.

We're like old people with "our shows".

And, we couldn't let it go until after the end of the College Football bowl season.

I thought that if anyone was going to suffer, though, it would be Husband.

He'll watch anything.

But, it's been three days and guess who's having the withdrawal shakes?

That's right.


I keep thinking that I need to ask Husband to DVR such-and-such.

And, oh, it's 5pm and that means Jeopardy!

Husband has just upped his xBox play as I rock in the corner muttering unintelligibly  to myself.

Whose stupid idea was this again?


Julie said...

We recently got rid of ours too. I hate not having it but it's so expensive!

Becky said...

Netflix streaming? $8 a month.
They have decent shows. :)

Anonymous said...

I do netflix streaming, hulu, and for heaven's sake, buy some rabbit ear and watch Jeopardy! said...

Yes, get Netflix! There's lots of good stuff on there.