Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All We Need is a Little Height

At my behest, Husband bought a stepping stool for the kitchen a little while ago.

Mostly so I could see what's in the back of my cupboards.

And reach the top shelves.

I'm a little short.

However, Carolyn has decided that the stool is specifically for her use and her use only thank-you-very-much.

Because she needs immediate access to anything and everything on the counter tops.

Like cookie dough.

And the water in the sink:

As you can see, she clearly does not appreciate her important work being interrupted.

This has nothing to do with anything, but this is what we had for dinner last night:

Carolyn won't eat meat to save her life but loves salmon.  Maybe because when I was pregnant with her, meat was repulsive to me for the entire forty-three months of my pregnancy.  And the only true craving I ever had was for salmon on a cedar plank.


Becky said...

It won't be long until she's climbing on top of those counters with or without that stool!

Rondi said...

Who can resist cookie dough? Good thing Marshall wasn't around as he would have fought Carolyn for the dough.

Anonymous said...

Human gestation is 43 months???? I'm never having sex if that is the consequence!! Forget it hormones!! I'm never listening to you IN LIFE!! 43 MONTHS!!!!

Kami D. said...

...I just have to say that your daughter is beautiful!

The Livingstones said...

Reese thinks our stool is just for her too. The best thing about it is that she doesn't know how to get down by herself, so if there's nothing for her to do at the top, she'll stay out of trouble until I help her down. She fell off it last night, but that hasn't slowed her down.