Monday, January 09, 2012


Yesterday I dropped Carolyn off all by herself in nursery at church for the very first time.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little bit giddy at the prospect.

I stood outside the door for about five minutes just to make sure she didn't punch any of the other kids straight off.

Or cry.

She didn't even care that I was gone.

Not like I expected her to because that's just the way she is, but I was kind of hoping there'd be some kind of recognition of my absence.


When I went to go pick her up and they handed me her little coloring papers, I almost lost it.

You know, the first-time-that's-happened cry.

Then, she ran toward me, hands outstretched.

And I thought, "Oh, she did miss me!  How sweet!"

She came, grabbed the stuffed panda bear I was holding, turned around, and tried to close the door in my face.


Julie said...

I'd take that any day over Lucy's shrill scream as I try to drop her off!

Rondi said...

We never want our children to grow up too fast; but, I think every mother in the church around the time their baby is 15 or 16 months can't wait for their baby to be 18 months. I know I did.

Cindy said...

Be glad for nursery leaders! How many kids are in your nursery?

Erin said...

Rondi, for church purposes only, I've been wanting Carolyn to be 18 months old for the past eight months!

Cindy - I think there are 12 total but they've got them split up into younger and older. In the next 3 months, I think there will be at least five more going into Carolyn's class.