Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing Like Rain

It's rained for the past three days straight. As someone who grew up in the desert I am enthralled by rain. I love the smell of it, the sight of it, and the sound of it. I can sit and watch it for hours.

Everyone at work makes fun of me because when it starts to rain, I run to one of the two windows in the office to watch it bounce off the top of the cars and gather in puddles in less time than it takes me to brush my teeth. I often lament the waste - rain falling on concrete and down the drain. I always think, "If there was any way I could figure out how to get all this water to Nevada, I'd be rich!"

I was nearly 24-years-old before I experienced rain for three straight days. I was in Japan on my mission. My Japanese companion warned me that there was a typhoon coming our way and that we'd probably ought to schedule some inside time for a few days. I figured she didn't know what she was talking about and made her ride her bike clear to the farthest part of our area.

By the time we got home twelve hours later, we were soaked to the bone, dead tired, and nursing several wounds from literally being blown into guard rails (and thank goodness for those guard rails or we would have been in the river or the drainage ditch).

The good news is that the elders felt sorry for our stupidity and had a Pizza Hut pizza (a regular old American mayonnaise, no tuna and no corn) delivered straight to our door that night. I'm sure it set them back about $30-40. Even to this day, that's the best pizza I've ever eaten.


The Livingstones said...

we could really use a few good frog stranglers here. maybe one every two weeks - right up until june.

Clarissa Grover said...

Asian pizza is a whole new ballgame. Koreans put corn on everything, apparently. And cheese? Who needs cheese on pizza? Never had the mayo or the tuna, though. Not feeling disappointed about it, either!