Friday, March 13, 2009

I Don't Get It...

1. You know, I really don't understand why men often lean over my desk (after getting off their cell phone with their wives) and say something like, "WOMEN!! Can't make 'em happy!" you want me to agree with you? Because in case you hadn't noticed, I happen to be a woman and a wife. It makes me want to pinch their nose and say, "Yeah, well maybe you're not trying hard enough."

2. I hate Daylight Savings Time. As in HATE. I've already started a letter writing campaign to my senator about doing away with it all together. Except that I haven't actually written or sent any letters. DST is ruining my life in that I have a hard time prying my eyes open when it's still dark outside AND I think that it is the main reason why I've lost my sense of humor this past week. Maybe I lost it in the dark.

3. It's raining today. Cold, cold rain. I could not be more happy. Cold rain means less patients. Less patients means more blogging time. More blogging time means more FUUUUNNNNN.

4. I sure hope the cold rain doesn't hurt my tomato plants. In case you didn't know, I'm kind of obsessed with my tomato plants.

5. Since it's rainy and cold outside for only the second time this year, I've pulled out my cute winter clothes, including my knee-high boots. I love my winter clothes. I have a massive amount of them since I lived in a house without insulation or heat for two years before I moved down here. The thing that I didn't count on was the fact that The Texans don't know how to dress for cold weather and as such, they've turned the heater up to 85 degrees. You read that right. I'm sitting here in my wool sweater in the 85 degree office. I should have known better. I'm so hot I'm thinking about spraying some of that compressed air that you use to clean your computer keyboard right up my skirt.

6. I think I finally figured out how to get a kitty:

7. One of my favorite patients came in today. He calls me darling, baby, love, honey, and ladybug. He's also gay and wears a love chain. Seriously. I find him so entertaining.

8. I really, really have to go to the bathroom right now but I'm wearing my gut squeezer and don't think I'll be able to get in and out of it easily enough. Curse Oprah for seducing me into buying and wearing Spanx. She is the root of all evil.

9. I was just talking to am 87-year-old lady who said she went to a big meeting last night and nearly got into a fight with another old lady. She said, "I'll tell you, I wanted to punch her in the throat." I really don't know what it is about people down here but they're always wanting to punch people in the throat. Apparently it's only the Yankees that want to punch people in the face.

10. I'm reading Gone With the Wind for about the millionth time. I love that book.

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Teagan said...

Glad you like the necklace. I added some more beads. But, I am not sure if it is long enough. How many inches from the base of your neck to your middle-boob area are you wanting? Measure and let me know. I have also made the clasp adjustable so you have about two inches to add or take off.