Sunday, November 20, 2016

Child of God

The Tater is a very shy little booger.

He's not overly fond of anyone except his mother.  Not even his father.  Sometimes his sister if she has candy.

In public, he generally sticks pretty close to me and if anyone even dares to ask him how he's doing, he almost cries and if not that, certainly buries his head right in my crotch, which is kind of a feat in and of itself because he's taller than that now, so he really has to try.

And, unless you're me, don't try to touch him.  There are two ladies at church who always try to pet his head or get them to give them a high five and it is always a problem.

I mean, he does warm up to people eventually - and there are at least two people I can think of that he just digs unexplainably.  Like the old dude who works at the grocery store who only has one tooth.  Tater thinks he's a kindred spirit for some reason and seizes every opportunity to tell him everything he's been holding back.

Which is why what he does during sacrament meeting absolutely shocking.

The Tater knows exactly one song - I Am A Child of God.  And "know" is pretty generous considering he doesn't actually sing words,  just the sounds he hears.

I always ask him to sing it for me, and almost always, he declines.

But today.  Today, the opening song in sacrament meeting was I Am A Child of God.

And The Tater sat straight up on his seat and sang as much as he knew as loud as he could.

And I sat and cried and cried.

Because he may not know what it means or even the words he's singing, but it reminded me how amazing kids are.  And sweet.  And innocent.

And how God sees us all that way.  And loves us despite our faults.

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