Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Kid - March 2015

The Kid and The Tater are wearing towels on their heads, pretending to be Mary and Joseph. Here are the jewels of their play session:
The Kid: Tater, you can't run around screaming like that. Joseph was not a hooligan.
The Kid: Now, I wonder which hair salon Mary went to. It must have been a good one because she's Jesus' mother.

The Kid: We're going to learn about farms next week at school.
Me: Did you tell them your mom grew up on a ranch?
The Kid: I don't want to lie, mama.
Me: It's the truth!
The Kid: I'm going to need proof. Like pictures or something.

The Kid and I were snuggled up in bed reading books when The Tater woke up from his nap crying:
Me: I think I hear something.
The Kid: Yeah, that sound means all the fun is over.

Me: What did you learn at school today?
The Kid: Mama, I'm going to need to take a break from all these questions. I had to answer questions all day at school.
Oh. Excuse me.

The Kid, with a heavy sigh as she watched her daddy leave for work out the window, "Mama, daddy and I love each other. He is so unbelievably handsome."

The Kid and The Tater have recently discovered the awesomeness of my iPod and ear buds. They were listening when a country song came on and this, "Mama, I'm not interesting in this kind of music. I'm interesting in rock 'n roll."

The Kid was upset that her homework book was a "science" book.
The Kid: I don't even like science. Unless it's potion science.
Me: You know who else likes potion science? Grandma Judy.
The Kid: Well, of course she likes potion science. She's a witch.

After the park, "Did you see the boy I was playing with? He wanted to marry me. But, I informed him that he missed his chance because I've already asked my daddy for his hand in marriage."

Me: Well, look at that! There's going to be a Destiny's Child reunion!
The Kid: Do you think they'll invite you?
Me: I doubt it. I can't sing like that.
The Kid: Just sing Rock-A-Bye Baby for them. You're amazing at that one.

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