Sunday, May 17, 2015

Easter/Blue Bonnet Photos!

Because it's not Easter without blue bonnet photos.  I am Texan now, you know.  Or rather, I've lived here for almost a decade and I still want to call them bluebells.  Or it is the other way around -they're blue bells and I call them blue bonnets?  See, I don't even know.

I missed the blue bonnets/bells in our area, so at the last minute, I forced Husband to drive all the way to Brenham.  That's a mere 2.5 hour drive for approximately 20 minutes of photo taking.  Maybe even less because about five minutes after we got there, my camera battery died.  Winner.

Even worse was that we arrived there just in time for nap time.  As such, both kids were in amazing moods.  It was a big, fat failure.  This is all we came up with.  Husband and I weren't planning to be in any of the pictures, but a friend who was also there offered to take our picture.  Had I known, I might have brushed my hair.  Or done something to help myself.  Also, with eyes like mine, you can't tell me I'm not at least half Asian.  No, they're not closed in any of the pictures, that's just what I look like.

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