Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Because I'm Chubby

Here's the deal:

Seven weeks ago, I decided it was time to make some changes.

Because I feel horrible.  And I'm ALWAYS tired.  The fact that my clothes don't fit was just a side-thought.

So, I started doing the Body for Life program.

Not because I want to get all muscled up.  Because it sounded like something I could do.

Basically, it's six small meals a day - lean proteins, complex carbs, lots of vegetables.

At the same time, I decided it was time to give up my addiction to sugar - so, no sugar (Dr. Pepper, I miss you sooooooo much), no white flour.  And "clean" eating - for those of you who don't actually know what people mean when they say that (I didn't), it means you stop eating processed foods.  Everything is fresh (or at least as much as you can do).

Exercise-wise, I added another day of weight training and switched up a few of my cardio activities (adding in running and spin instead of just Zumba all the time).

Everyone I know who's been doing these things is dropping weight - like faster than they can count.  Pounds and pounds and pounds in a month.

Now, weight-wise, I could really care less what the scale says.  If I feel good, the number is irrelevant.  However, to feel better than I was feeling, some of the weight obviously had to come off.

Anyway, fast-forward seven weeks and here I am.  I have been stalwart.  Nazi even.

1,500-1,600 calories (quality calories, too) in per day, 2,500-2,800 per day out.  That's a minimum of a 1,000 calorie deficit.

A minimum of one gallon of water per day.

And how awesome have been my results?

Almost nonexistent.

I've lost a grand total of three pounds (of course, I gained five when I first started, so maybe that counts as 8??)

My measurements have not changed even a little bit.

According to the calorie count, I should be losing two pounds per week.  Or at least 1.5.  I should be feeling fit and fabulous.

I don't feel any different - still tired.

So, all of you wise ones out there, WHAT GIVES??

I've given this two months of my life.  I need to see some sort of result or I might as well go back to my Dr Peppers.  And cheese.  And as much bread as I can stuff in my mouth.

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ETree said...

Um, you probably don't want to hear from me but I think you killed your metabolism. If you were only eating 1,500 calories and burning 2,500 calories every day, you're body was only getting -1,000 calories of fuel each day; your basal metabolic rate wasn't being met just to keep your organs and brain functioning hence the exhaustion. I have done this and gained weight every time because my body thought I was starving to death and hung on to every pound of fat like I was never eating again. I'm the only person I know who could attempt anorexia and weigh over 200 lbs. 1 meal/day my Freshman year of college made me gain 30lbs in 4 months. I have never been anorexic but got really sick my Freshman year prior to the PCOS diagnosis and it took 24 hours to digest breakfast every day. Food just sat in my stomach and there was no room for anything else to go in so I never felt hungry.

It sounds counter-intuitive but you should have upped your caloric intake to compensate for the physical stress you put your body under. The only diet plans/advice that have ever helped me lose weight are Suzanne Somers (don't laugh, I lost 15 pounds in the MTC) book "Eat Great, Lose Weight" and Weight Watchers a few years ago. Neither one counts calories and Suzanne's food combo plan+daily yoga/Pilates is what I followed in the MTC because their was a cafeteria. I have PCOS and it affects my hormones causing my metabolism to shut down at times and the only way I ever get it back on track is by following SS food combinations strategies. Change your food, only count calories burned, maintain the exercise program and see what happens.