Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I Haven't Used Shampoo in a Year. Yes, You Should Still be My Friend

It has officially been one year since I stopped using shampoo.

I promise, I'm not gross.

Or not super gross.

Here is my original post on why I stopped using shampoo and what I started doing instead.

Here is a link to four weeks in.

And another link.

Here's two months in.

I thought I did another one at six months, but apparently that was just in my head.

Anyway, you get the point.

I'm still basically on the same schedule as I was back at the very beginning.

I'm still super happy with myself and will never go back to regular shampoo. 

I've even found a lady here in town who is a curly hair cutting whiz - and believe me, those aren't so easy to find since all of them always want to straighten your hair to cut it and never actually see how your hair grows curly.  Who really has time to straighten their hair anyway?!  Not this girl.

I am, unfortunately, still in the throws of the post-pregnancy hair grow out.  It appears I will be in the middle of this for at least ten more years.  No one tells you that when you hair grows as slowly as mine does that after you have a baby, you will look horrid for TWO ENTIRE YEARS.

Anyway, here are some sassy photos for you to enjoy (it appears that even a year of taking selfies has not improved my aptitude in that area):

Bless my pregnancy-hair-fall-out-re-growth heart.  My entire hairline is so special.

The below picture is my favorite.  Mostly because I look so....awesome.  Doesn't everyone love that smirk?  Mostly I look that way because I was trying so hard to take the picture.  I'm not sure if my arms are too short or I am just not dexterous enough to get it done.

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