Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Months - No Poo

We're up to two months of no shampoo.
This post has all of the links to what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and why I'm going "no poo".
I'm kind of thrilled with myself.
In case you couldn't tell.
This picture was taken after nine days of not washing at all - even with the baking soda mixture (of course, I've only been to the gym twice in that amount of time [which is another issue all together], so that might be why it hasn't gotten greasy).
I wanted to try to see how long I could go before I got greasy - even on day nine, it's only a little greasy at the roots.  I could probably let it go one more day, but I don't think I will.
PS Do you know how awkward it is to take a selfie of the side of your head?

Here are a few more things I've learned:
1.  My hair was still getting a little frizzy with all the humidity in the southeast Texas air.  After reading up on it and trying several things (including coconut oil and jojoba oil, which just made me really, really greasy), I decided to go with a sulfate free commercial conditioner.  I've been a HUGE fan of the Deva Curl hair care line since using this.  I have also been using the gel for after shower styling.  I use the conditioner two times weekly and the gel daily to curb the frizz.
2.  The post-pregnancy hair shedding is in full force.  Over the past month, I've returned to my pre-pregnancy hair and am having to re-learn how to care for it.  The thickness and texture are completely different than a month ago (maybe this is why it's so frizzy??).  Also, some of the pieces that had become curly have straightened out again (like the ones right by my ears).
3.  I've stayed with the same baking soda and acv recipes I used in the first post.  I've also done an aloe vera rinse and loved it (buy the edible kind.  They have it at health food stores and locally at HEB in the health food section).  Just pour a cup of it over your head, massage into your hair, leave for a few minutes, and rinse out.  This is for an itchy/dry scalp.
4.  My next step is to learn how to keep my own hands out of my hair.  I found that I'm constantly touching my hair/running my fingers through it/twisting it around my fingers.  It's a nervous habit I didn't know I had.


Calli, Austin Knudsen said...

I wish you had straight hair so I knew how this worked for me! Your hair looks great! Do you know of anyone who's tried it with straightish hair?

Erin said...

Actually, most of the blogs I researched before I started had straight hair. Try this one:

Also, you know who does no poo with straight hair? Annemarie Neff!

Erin said...

Here's another one: said...

Yay! You're back in my blog reader. :) And your hair looks great!