Monday, January 12, 2015

One Year Check-Up

We have just returned home from The Tater's one-year check-up.

Yes, he's now older than a year.

And good grief, he was horrible during the appointment.

Probably not his fault since it was nearly lunch and nap time.

I vote we never do that again.

For posterity, here are his measurements:

Height:  32 inches
Weight:  24.75 pounds

He is walking, squatting, and has recently cut all four of his molars.  What an outstanding experience that was - three weeks of whining and crying followed by two more weeks of excessive slobbering, fevers, and bum-blistering diarrhea.  Awesome.

He is waving goodbye at least every ninth time we ask him, pulling everything that he can reach down on top of him, and generally annoying his sister with his insistence that he be included in all attempts to play anything.

He is also toting around anything and everything he can find, which is why the remotes are always in the kitchen and my phone is usually stuffed in the couch.

He thinks any time we are in the kitchen that he should be held up to see what's going on - it's either that or him pulling down your pants and squealing.

He is still nursing a couple of times a day but is pretty thrilled with almost any food he is given.  Especially taco soup.  And french fries.  And crackers.

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