Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And, Of Course, Jamberry

Because I'm just sure all of my tens of readers (Hi, Mom!) want to see my latest manicures!  And yes, I'm sorry, but taking pictures of your fingernails is HARD unless you're holding something.  So, I am now a hand selfie nerd.  The good news is that I have held to my original vow, which was to NEVER use the Jamberry words - you know, the words where every other Jamberry consultant adds "jam" to the beginning of every, single word they know?  I am sorry, but JAMAZING is not a word.  And I will not be welcoming anyone to my "JAMILY".  And I refuse to refer to my manicure as a "JAMICURE".  Not buying in.  NOT!

And yes, my fingernails are still having to be kept short since I've been doing a few massages on the side. This also encourages my hands to become even more beefy.

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