Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Jamberry Latest


I know it's pathetic to love something as much as I love Jamberry!

But, I do love it.  I love to have pretty fingernails that last.

I've also been a consultant for a little over a month (I know I've said it before, but I NEVER saw myself as someone who would do direct sales.  Like NEVER).

In that month, I made enough money to pay back my consultant kit PLUS enough to pay both our electric and water bills.  Sure, it's not a lot of money, but to me right now, that is HUGE.  I've been looking for a way to contribute financially since Tate was born without having to pay childcare and so far, this is a good fit for me.  And that right there is exciting.

Anyway, enough of that.

Just look at my pretty nails (because my nails should be something you're excited about...)!

This one is after 8 days of wear:

As you can tell, I kind of have a thing for stripes...

Oh, and if you want to order, go here.

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Porter Family said...

Got my Neptune today!! I'm putting them on tomorrow. :) thanks for hooking me up!