Monday, August 25, 2014

I Miss It

You know what I miss?


Like sitting down and having enough time and enough quiet to compose an entire coherent blog post.  Or, maybe just like one sentence.

Tate is in that phase where he wants to be doing whatever you're doing.  And when you're on the computer, that means he wants to pull up and slam on the keys or yank the screen back or steal your mouse and hide it heaven-knows-where.  He has also rearranged my entire phone and made it talk.

And Carolyn is literally never quiet.  She says a lot of really funny things, but by about 3 pm all I can think is, "Can I please have 15 minutes where you're not talking to me, to your dolls, for your dolls, and squealing at your brother?"

Add to that the near constant need for me to tell her stop-picking-up-your-brother-and-hauling-him-around-the-house-and-turn-down-your-tablet-it-does-not-need-to-be-that-loud-for-the-love!  It's maddening.

Thus I have learned that I do not do good with chaos.  Or even semi-chaos.  Because two kids can't really be considered chaos, can it?

I love my babies, I really do, but there are times when I absolutely know why my mother used to lock herself in the bathroom.

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Porter Family said...

I lock myself in the bathroom on a regular basis. And Sam is why I haven't blogged in 2 years!!