Thursday, February 13, 2014

From the Phone

carolyn came to me the other day and said, "look, i put on my scarf so i could be nice and warm!"
husband brought home several sheets of tattoos.  carolyn quickly learned to apply them and BAM!  she was covered head to toe in a matter of minutes:

here's our chubby boy.  he looks just like a butterball turkey.

carolyn insisted on wearing her cow appreciation day cow ears to walmart the other day.  because of course that's what you'd wear.  the good news is that because it was walmart, it only helped her look more classy.

carolyn requested a cookie cake for her valentine's day party.  i thought i'd make one up because really, how hard could it be?  turns out it's harder than it looks.  getting the center done without burning the edges was bad enough.  then, i got the bright idea to pipe on the decorations.  yeah.  not exactly my best talent.  mostly because i have spacial relation issues.  anyway, it turned out fine...and will be prominently featured on one of those "nailed it" websites by next week, i'm sure.

and guess who showed up to the valentine's day party??  heidi kole!  we live 25 minutes away from one another and we haven't seen each other in almost four years.

carolyn was in charge of decorating for valentine's day and anything that didn't move got the treatment.  including the tater.

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