Friday, February 14, 2014

Beautiful Pictures

a lady at church was asked to take photos of all of the primary kids to make a member directory.
she's kinda sorta a professional photographer.
and by that i mean that she is.
i mean, we're not talking taking photos of 60 kids on your iPhone, we're talking a set up here.
ok. so not a set up, but she does have a really nice camera.  other than that, she just took pictures of them up against a cinder block wall by the back door of the church.
if i did that, it'd look like a mug shot.
anyway, she took two photos of Carolyn that i could not be more thrilled with (in fact, it's kind of pathetic how thrilled i am):

looking at these, i lament that i cut her was so pretty when it was brushed and fixed.  and then i remember the fight i had to put it up to get it that way and i'm not so sad anymore.
if i had lots of money, i'd pay her to take our family pictures.  because then i would look like a model.

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