Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Months - For the Record

carolyn spilled dr. pepper on the computer keyboard today.  the shift key has stopped working.  no more capital letters unless i want to put the caps lock on every time i need one.  and i don't, so...

we took tater to his two month appointment.  here are his stats:

height:  24 inches
weight:  14 lb 4 oz

the doctor kept talking about how big he is - that's right, we're raising another giant, weight gaining baby (above 95% for both height and weight).  she even said she'd make a comment about his weight, but since he's 100% breastfed, it's all natural, and therefore, there's nothing she can say.  boom!

it's already time to pull out the next size of clothing, which is disappointing to me since i've only used about five or six different outfits from the giant box of 0-3 month clothing i have (and only two of those outfits haven't been jammies).

other than that, the only thing we're dealing with is cradle cap.  it's sooooo nasty.  and, as a lifelong picker, it's really, really hard for me not to pick at it while i'm feeding him.  in fact, it's safe to say that i haven't abstained like i should have and i think i may have hurt him a couple of times.

he's sleeping 5 or so hours at a time at night - some nights only 4, some nights 6...and i can't figure out the magic potion to make him do 6 every night.  because if he can do it sometimes, surely he can do it all the time, right?

he's still super fussy in the evenings, loves the moby, and is smiling quite a bit.

i think carolyn has finally figured out that he's a permanent fixture, and she's not too awfully happy about it.

i'm holding steady - super proud of myself for two solid months of breastfeeding, trying to get up the courage to look for yet another new job, and trying to hold off of eating, every, single sweet thing in entire house.  i've been back to the gym a couple of times, but good grief, it's soooo hard to get there in the evenings after feeding tater, feeding everyone else, cleaning up, being exhausted. 

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