Wednesday, January 29, 2014


i finally had enough of daily battles with Carolyn over hair brushing.

i threaten, she whines, i lose my patience, she whines, i threaten...

so, today, this:

she did pretty well at holding still.  well, good for her.  the biggest problem was that she was so interested in the stylist's tattoos, her eyes kept turning her head.  they straightened it for her - I'm hoping her curls aren't gone, but if they are, oh well!

it's been cold here.  for southeast Texas, you might even opt for saying it's been frigid.  yesterday there was freezing rain - everything and i mean EVERYTHING closed.  school was cancelled.  we spent the day inside, not because of the ice, but because there was nowhere to go.  we're not so great at being at home all day.  drives me crazy.

and Tate...Tate is going through some kind of sleep regression.  it SUCKS.  he was waking up once a night up until Sunday night when he went back to waking up 3-4 times.  i put him down between 9:30-10 and he wakes up 45 minutes later screaming bloody murder and continues that for an hour or so (super fun), then he's up again between 2-3 and 5-6.  makes for a tired mother.  and a tired, cranky baby. i long for a third bedroom - Tate is sleeping right by my side of the bed so I'm awake at every sound, every movement.  i don't dare put him in with Carolyn.  but, i have a sneaking suspicion that if i  could just give him a few minutes to whine a little, he'd go back to sleep sometimes.

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