Friday, December 20, 2013

One Month

Tate is one month old tomorrow. 

I'm sorry, say WHAT?  It really has flown.

Today, he had his one month check up:

Height:  22.5 inches
Weight:  10lb 6oz

So, in four weeks, that's 2.5 inches and over 2.5 pounds gained (he was 7lb 12oz at his last appointment).  It's funny, because to me, he doesn't look like he's growing at all.  He still looks skinny and gangly to me.  I want him to chub up because no one likes a skinny baby.

But, I'm not going to lie, I'm extra, super proud of myself.  Since coming home from the hospital, he's only had formula once even though I've already had to go through one round of medicine for thrush and feeding him hurt like hell for 3 or so days (wherein I also had clogged ducts a few times..and wowee, but who knew those could hurt so bad?) you'll recall, when Carolyn was this age, she had lost over a pound on my breast milk and the doctor told me that I must "make skim milk" and suggested that I switch exclusively to formula immediately because I was apparently starving her to death.  As hard as I was trying, it was so, super traumatic to me at the time to realize that my body wasn't working the way I thought it should.


Here are a few pictures of him - he doesn't like having his picture taken AT ALL unless he's completely and totally asleep.  He pretty much screams bloody murder any time I try to do a photo shoot of any kind (and my camera still isn't working reliably, so all of these are taken on my phone):

He was starting to get mad at this point...and it cracks me up:

He went through a growth spurt last week. I think I fed him every hour for 48 hours.  It was HORRIBLE.  I'm not looking forward to the next one.  It might kill me.

The good news is that he's a pretty good sleeper.  He's up a couple of times a night (you could set your clock by him...he hits 3 hours on the dot between each feeding almost every, single time), but he usually eats and goes straight back to sleep.  Praise the Lord.

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