Friday, December 13, 2013

Merry Christmas....From One of Our Kids

(Just as a side note, I typed the title of this post and thought, "I'm one of those people who has two kids.  How on earth did this happen?"
  Because when I was younger, whenever a couple with two kids would move into our ward, I'd think, "Oh. Em. Gee.  People with two kids.  How incredibly boring!"
  And now I'm one of them!  Good grief.)
A friend of a friend sent a box with this cute little elf/Santa outfit in it for Carolyn (I have one for Tate, too, compliments of Grainne, but he is not cooperating.  Like at all.)  I've been trying to convince her to let me take pictures of her in it for over a week.
Finally, today, I struck a deal with her that she found worthy, and BAM!  Pictures.  But not too many.  Because she cannot be bothered to pose for me longer than 2.1 minutes (she did, however, choose all on her own to wear it to the ward Christmas party so Santa could see her in it so he'd know she was a "good girl").
The weirdest thing?  While we were outside, our neighbor (male), whom I've literally never set eyes on before pulled up and said, "Wait!  I have a Christmas gift for her!"  and then he went into his apartment and brought out a Disney cup/pitcher/plate set.
You tell me:  creepy or just super nice?  I'm leaning toward creepy.  Because the man clearly has no kids so what's he doing with a Disney dealie-bobber anyway?  Maybe it was a Black Friday whim?
Or maybe he's just creepy.
Either way, Carolyn's pretty thrilled with her new prize. 

This is how she ended up after 1.9 minutes...she wouldn't pull the hat back up no matter what I said.  She's no fun.

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