Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Today I am 35.

I made cupcakes but didn't have any candles beside this one and I was too lazy to drive to the store to get one - plus, I'd already been there earlier in the day to get butter and I'd come home to a kid covered head to toe in massage cream.

I still love my birthday.  Even though I'm not eight.

But, I still never thought I'd be this old (insert an eye roll from everyone older than me who are now thinking, "Oh, FOR THE LOVE!")

I think everyone thinks that starting at a certain age and it never stops until they die. 

Because you always think, "When I'm X age, I will have..." and you never actually do everything you think you will by then.

The good news about getting older is that you don't actually have to grow up.

And I'm pretty sure no one ever thinks I will, so there's no added pressure.

I just get more and more awesome.