Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Selfie McSelfshness

1.  There's a family from church who's moving to California this week.  As such, they cleaned out their freezer and it was a first-come-first-served deal.  And guess who was first?  Guess who was 10 minutes early?  Guess who was actually 20 minutes early, but sat in her car, rocking back and forth, until 10 minutes had passed and she had to go knock on the door because she was literally about to pee her pants (not from excitment...just because my bladder isn't in proper working condition).  Yeah.  Me.  I pretty much cleaned out the hamburger and I did clean out all the blackberries.  Not that I actually know what I'd do with 14 cups of blackberries, I just wanted them.  As of 10 minutes ago, the filling for a blackberry cobbler was set to cool on the stove.  I can't help myself - I keep dipping my spoon in for "quality control".  If I get the topping on before it's all gone, I'll be one lucky bugger.

2.  I'm stuck in a funk.  I've been on the same schedule for about two years and I'm getting bored of it.  I want to go and do exciting things and break out.  Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what to do.  Or what's excitng.

3.  I think the main reason I feel this way is because two weeks ago, I gave what was supposed to be a "short presentation" to the young women at church about my mission.  I ended up talking for 45 minutes...and not about my mission so much as about how much I loved Japan and how we did this and this and this and this.  I may have gotten a little out of control and talked about Japanese public baths and how much I love them.  Can you say "naked" at church?

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