Monday, July 08, 2013

20 Week Update

1.  I started writing the 20 week update last week because for some reason, I was 100% sure that I was 20 weeks along.  Which, of course, I was not.  Because I apparently can't count to save my life.  It was the ultrasound tech who wrecked me.  She asked me how far along I was and that that point, I was all like, "19.5 weeks" and she was all like, "Well, according to the ultrasound and the date of your last period, you're only 18 weeks 3 days" and I was all like, "What does she know?  She just does ultrasounds" because I refused to be set back an entire week.

2.  So, in case you missed it, the ultrasound showed that this fetus has boy parts.  I'm not going to lie, I'm struggling with that in a big way.  And then feeling guilty because I'm struggling with it so much.

3.  There is still no name for this kid.  My biggest problem is not that I have strong feelings about what he should be named, but rather that I have strong feelings about what he should NOT be named, which isn't exactly productive.  Mostly, whenever anyone mentions a name, I just think, "Meh".

4.  I've hit the point in this pregnancy where I pretty much want to eat everything I see.  This is a new sensation for me as when I was pregnant with Carolyn, food was repulsive the entire time.  I even went out and bought plain chips and ranch dip because it sounded so good.  I don't even like plain chips.

5.  The vomiting is still at a minimum and thank goodness for that because Carolyn thinks that every time I puke it gives her the right to hover in the bathroom demanding to see the results of said puking.

6.  I continue to have stomach issues on a regular basis.  I cut back on dairy because I thought maybe that was causing problems, but nothing changed.  Although, ice cream really, really does a number on me.

7.  Other than that, the newest, most exciting pregnancy symptom is a little sciatica.  Again, never had this with Carolyn, I think because she was up so high the entire time.  This kid feels like he's resting right on my hip bones.  It's not excruciatingly painful, but annoying enough to make me cringe when having to stand from a sitting position.  Oh, and also, my left leg has buckled twice over the last two days, which is also super fun.

8.  This kid is a MOVER.  I swear to you that he never stops.  Even during the ultrasound, he was kick, kick, kicking and rolling so they never could get a fix on certain parts.  Makes me scared for when he gets bigger as I'm already having difficulty sleeping because of him.

9.  Carolyn simply cannot be convinced that a baby brother is a good thing.  She continues to insist that this kid is a girl, not a boy because she doesn't want a baby brother.

10.  Other than that, fatigue is still rampant, I am having to do less and less at the gym (and I am not happy about it), and I feel ginormous even if The Doctor reassures me that I am measuring exactly the right size.  I'm even still losing weight, which, with the amount of chips I've consumed over the past three days, is sure to cease shortly.

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Holli said...

I am so thrilled that you're having a boy! Let me tell you, a boy will fit right in to your family! :)And, don't worry - you look great!