Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mustache Bash

Yesterday, I went to the cutest, most overdone baby shower I've ever been to.

A mustache party.

Because apparently everything that's anything is now covered in mustaches - duct tape, gift bags, fabric...

The girls who threw the shower took it even farther to include mustache cupcake toppers, a mustache shaped cake, mustache straws...

And there were individual lemonades in mason jars.


Cutest thing in the world.

Even the favors for the winners of the shower games were mustache coin purses and mustache erasers.

I mean, really.

And, just a question here, but am I the only person who wants to win the shower games so badly, they're willing to cheat?

Because I do.

Oh, I only cheat if I have to, but I want to wiiiin.

I actually won two games yesterday - one fair and square and one by punching the ice cube with a frozen, plastic baby in it with my straw and then when it came all the way out, I had to shout, "My water broke!"

I felt incredibly stupid.

Ironically, the one I won without cheating was the one for which I was voted out of getting a prize because apparently each person could only win one prize.

Lamest rule EVER.

At the end, they let me take a cupcake home to Carolyn.

I made her take pictures with the topper before she could eat it.

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