Thursday, April 04, 2013

My New Easter Rule

I have a new Easter rule.

Well, a new rule for all holidays, actually.

Never again are we going to have holiday parties on actual holidays.

Instead, we're going to wait until the following week so I can buy everything I need at 50% off.

I'm going to call it "Half-Priced Holidays".

Today we went down to get half-priced Easter candy and Easter egg coloring kits.

Carolyn was pretty fired up about it all.

Of course, all of the colors got mixed together before we'd actually colored all of the eggs, but that just means we got some funky greens.

This is how excited Carolyn was about the eggs:

She grabbed them and kept asking to open them...

And then said, "Mama!  Why are you taking all of the pretty colors off?!"

Then she took one bite of egg.

And promptly spit it on the floor.


Les Browns said...

That is the CUTEST smile!!

Chamberlin said...

I have to agree, that is my favorite Carolyn picture thus far:)

Kami D. said...


NeiseyG. said...

I think half price holidays is a great idea!!'