Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a Jolly Holiday With You

We tried to do a couple of special things for Husband's birthday today.

Carolyn and I stopped at the local cupcake shop to pick up a couple of cupcakes to take to his work.

When I asked which ones we should get, she thought everyone should have the pink one with pink sprinkles and the pink princess crown on top.

At Husband's office, she climbed right up into his chair, got to the computer and said, "Hey, what I can check for you?"

She then proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday" at the top of her lungs.

This evening we went to the fair.

Carolyn was thrilled beyond words with all of the streamers that had obviously been put up for Husband's birthday party.

We walked around to see the animals.

It was Brahman night.  There was a gray bull there that was easily the biggest bovine I've ever seen.

Carolyn pointed at it and yelled, "Look!  It's an elephant!"

She also had her hair chewed and snotted on by a baby camel, which she apparently didn't care for at all.

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