Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boyfriend

Today is this guy's 35th birthday:

I never actually thought either of us would be 35.  That sounds old.

It's gotten to the point now where I see other people who are "our age" and I wonder if I look that old/young/used up/awesome.

In our current situation (i.e. parents with a young child) we are often in social situations with other couples who were starting grade school when I was graduating from college.  

Sometimes, I am literally old enough to be their mother.

In fact, one girl who we hang with sometimes?  Her mother is two years older than me.

Then I feel my age.

Most of the rest of the time, I feel like I'll never be old because age is just a number and you can't be considered old when you still try to talk like Darth Vader into the fan.

But what I really mean by all of this is, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEST BOYFRIEND!  Here's to 60 more birthdays just like this one."

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Kari McCallon said...

Erin, I hope I'm not one of those people you feel like was starting grade school when you were graduating college. Because to me, we are totally the same age. :)
Happy birthday to Erin's best boyfriend!