Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's Up Today

1.  The weather today is absolutely beautiful.  We met some friends of ours at the church parking lot and let the kids ride their bikes and run as much as their little hearts desired.  Carolyn was in heaven - kids to play with + a place to ride her bike = Nirvana.

2.  While at the church I borrowed the church serger. I have these while visions of an Easter dress for Carolyn dancing in my head.  Never mind that I've never made a dress like it, nor do I have a pattern.  I had to special order the fabric online because none of the lame-o fabric stores in Beaumont carry what I want.  Here's hoping I can figure out how to actually use the serger.  The instructional video is on VHS tape...that shows you how old the machine is.  Like as old as the first serger I ever worked on.

3.  I'm also dreaming of planting my little pot garden.  I've done a little bit more research this year so that hopefully it won't be a bust like last year's piece of crap garden was.  Seriously.  Nothing is more disappointing than putting money into something and getting absolutely nothing out of it.  Well, not nothing.  I did get two tomatoes.  Carolyn picked all of the other ones while they were still green and the size of a quarter.

4.  It looks like I will finally be able to go back to seeing the client that was taken away back in November.  After seventy-three paperwork mistakes and talking to her doctor, he has finally issued a new prescription.  Of course, I don't actually have a go date yet, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Plus, working only two days a week for the past four months has been glorious.  I mean, right up until I get my paycheck and come crashing back to reality.

5.  Husband went to a church meeting a couple of weeks ago where the speaker suggested that he ask me one thing he could do better.  And then remind me before I got going that yes-it's-only-supposed-to-be-one.  I gave him three.  But hey, he asked me for them, ok?!  Bless his heart, but he's been working so hard on all three things, it makes me want to put him in my lap and pet him.

6.  Carolyn continues to be scared of all grown men.  And at the same time, she lurves them.  She'll sidle up to pretty much any man and flirt with him a little only to turn red in the face and bury her face in my crotch.  PS What is it with putting her face there?  I mean really.

7.  I went to my first Pampered Chef party last weekend.  This was a tactical error.  Because for some reason, I think I need all of those sweet kitchen tools, which for sure, I would only use once and then throw in a drawer and never think of them again.  I went to buy a quality onion chopper - I bought two different ones from other places and both of them are crap.

8.  I need another trip to the beach.  Like tomorrow or something.

9.  I did a major trade with one of my cousins who sells Creative Memories stuff.  I made her and her friend a few hats, a ear warmer, and a scarf in exchange for some top-of-the-line scrapbooks.  I love these things.  I haven't scrapbooked since Husband and I have been married and I'm not entirely sure I want to start again except for the fact that I really, really want to display some of my photography where others can see it.  And by others, I mean me because who actually wants to look through seventeen photo albums of pictures not of themselves?

10.  I made some new little curtains for Carolyn's room the other day.  Well, not curtains exactly, but side curtain dealie-bobbers.  One of them is about an inch and a half shorter than the other one.  This can only mean one thing - my ability to measure and hem correctly sucks.

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