Sunday, February 10, 2013

Because We're Super Models Up in Here

A good friend of ours has this super cute little etsy shop, 3lp Couture where she sells these funky, handmade clothes for little girls.

The other day she asked if Carolyn might want to model one of her outfits while I took pictures.

Well...her usual model is this amazingly cute, girly, model-y girl who always looks perfectly styled and perfectly....perfect.

Carolyn is just not that way.

Number one, if I can get a picture of her actually looking straight at the camera, it's a bloody miracle.

Number two, she is her mother's daughter.

While we were at the beach, I put her in the skirt and shirt and took some pictures.

I thought they were cute because hey, it's my kid, but didn't really display the outfit the way I'd wanted.

The wind took a toll not only on her hair do, but whipped the skirt into a big, fat mess.

Thankfully, the shop owner said she liked the pictures and went ahead and used them.

Here are a few that I really liked (isn't it funny how taste in photos is different from person to person?  The ones she used were the last ones I would have used.  The same thing has happened in several other picture taking sessions I've done):

For your very own skirt/shirt combo, order here!

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