Monday, December 03, 2012

Sigh and Sigh Again

I am so frustrated.

I've been trying to stay as positive as possible, been trying to think and think and think my way out of a mess only to get more bad news this morning.

Since I hadn't heard anything about when I would be able to resume my regualar work schedule, I made a few telephone calls.

Turns out the correct paperwork for one of my clients still hasn't been turned in.

I can't see her for at least 30 days after it's turned in and processed.

And that means my paycheck is cut in half until January 2nd at the earliest.


Another entire month of trying to slug through and make everything somehow work out on less money.

It makes me want to throw my hands in the air and scream, "Good grief!  I give up!"

Here are my ideas to make up the needed cash:

1.  Sell my liver.  I figure it would fetch a primo price because I'm a clean livin' Mormon.
2.  Do Zumba on the street corner for cash.  Again, lots of money there because I've got skills.
3.  Panhandle in the Walmart parking lot.  Every one else does it.  Why not me?
4.  Sell my arm hair to Locks of Love.
5.  Offer to take old people to doctor's appointments in my sweet car.  They'd pay for that, right?
6.  Walk up to people in random places and just start shining their shoes and then demand payment.
7.  Follow a politician around, take blackmail photos of him, and sell them back to him.
8.  Sell my archery skills.  People have things they need shot, don't they?
9.  Win the lottery.
10.  Make and sell beef jerky.


oblivious said...

Your hair is too short for Locks of Love. Have you tried doing photography for people? Like annual Christmas photos, couples pictures, stuff like that. People hand out flyers ALL the time. I supported myself cleaning houses for awhile in good ole BMT by advertising on and putting out adverts door-to-door. The Kid could go with and hold the tape.

NeiseyG. said...

I hear those Mormon livers are in high demand and panhandling probably isn't going to work since you obviously look as if you have money to give out. And when you start your zumba corner let me know, I'd definitely pay to see that!