Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Week on Facebook

Dear Mitt Romney Supporters -

Well, Barack Obama did it again. And guess what? The world didn't come to an end. However, our neighbor's back wall did fall right off their house last night. Like clean off. In all fairness, that house was built in 1965 so it's probably not President Obama's fault. It's Lyndon B. Johnson's fault.
Your Friend,

PS Did everyone else know Thanksgiving is in two weeks?? And if you knew, why didn't you tell me?

And my streak of being asked for money in the Walmart parking lot continues...also, I was just pulled over for a burned out tail light - the third time in six years that's happened.

Satan invented push ups. And all abdominal exercises.

Nothing makes my heart happier than the sound of Husband and The Kid in the bath together - both of them giggling like little kids.

A few things: 1. I have a major crush on Emmitt Smith. And Apolo Ohno. 2. I'm 97.4% sure that when I do an ab workout, I look like a walrus. 3. I'm officially down 20 pounds from where I started in April. And as any mirror can attest, I look gooooooood. Only like 90 more to go!

The Kid stepped in a pile of mud yesterday so I put her shoes outside to clean them. When she found them this morning, she came running and said, "Uh oh, mama, those shoes pooped."

Good news: According to the doctor, my ovaries aren't going to be exploding any time soon. Score. The Kid went with me to the ultrasound and after listening to the whole conversation with the ultrasound tech, walked out of the room, held up her hands and announced to the entire waiting room, "Mama has a nice, full bladder! Now. Mama's gotta go potty!"

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Chamberlin said...

Actually Thanksgiving is on the 22nd...less than a week away. I was assigned pies, like the most pivotal Thanksgiving food. I'm already lying awake at night worrying about.