Friday, November 16, 2012

A Long Time

When most people miss a week's worth of blogging, it's probably not a big deal to them.

To me, I feel neglectful.  That's a word, right?  Neglectful?

Full of neglect.

Beside that, whether or not anyone ever reads what I write (are you all still out there?  Please leave me some comments so I know I'm not talking to myself here.  Yes, that's a plea.  Of desperation.), writing is my outlet.

Things have just gotten inexplicably busy up in here.  Despite the fact that my hours at work have been cut in half for the next month to six weeks.  Because someone who submitted the paperwork to Medicare mistyped one freakin' date and it apparently takes the government at least 30 days to correct it.

Yay for government health care, right?  RIGHT?

This happened last year right around the same time with a different client.

It's always nice to make 50% less right before the holidays.

In an effort to make up some of the missing moolah, I started mass producing crochet hats.

Not because I thought of it, but because a friend of mine on Facebook (you know who you are) prostituted me into it.

And ok, I was totally willing because let's be honest, I'm super flattered that anyone would ever want to buy something I've made with my own two hands when I'm a self-proclaimed crafting loser.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me.

So, I've become that 30-something-year-old freak who now carries yarn and a crochet hook with her in her purse and pulls it out whenever she's sitting still.

Just like an 80-year-old woman.

And no, don't try to talk to me, I'm bloody counting stitches!

The best thing about it is that I feel pretty good about myself because this is something I didn't think I could or would ever do.

I'm even now searching for a giraffe pattern, thinking on a Minnie Mouse, and lusting after a cute little ear warmer with a felt flower.

It's always nice to stretch yourself.

The bad news is that all of these hats are nothing more than trial and error - and thank goodness the people buying them are aware of that and accept it (RIGHT?)

For instance, today, on my ninth hat, I figured out that the stitch I thought was a double stitch actually wasn't. 

So there you have it.

Nine hats done completely wrong.

Don't tell anyone, ok?

The other bad news is that I'm pretty sure my fingers are going to start bleeding sometime soon.

I'll try not to get it on the hats.

Here's some of my work:

Yes, you counted that total of FIVE brown and pink owl hats...

And PS, my search for a willing model continues...


NeiseyG. said...

I look forward to your blog. Never stop writing, you're meant to do it! said...

I love reading your blog. But I don't know if you think it's weird that I'm reading it considering we haven't spoken for 12 yearsKeep writing!

BexxT said...

I have a willing model, if only we were closer. Kings LOVES hats. And hams it up for the camera- he is totally a male model in the making. Until his genes kick in and he is crippled by terrible acne, an inability to put on weight until his 20s, and his first loves are video games/dinosaurs and science fiction/fantasy.

Anonymous said...

I feel like you and I have the same life. Except I didn't think to crochet hats. I don't know anyone who would buy them and I've basically been asleep or wanting to be asleep for the past 2 weeks. Yay for the internet or job applications would never have gotten turned in.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I hear ya on the comments thing. When no one comments I feel like I'm talking to myself out loud in public in front of people. Not a good feeling. Comments are proof we are not alone in the world.

Becky said...

I think the hats are FABULOUS! Yay for prostitution!! ;) Open an Etsy shop pronto!

Annie said...

your hats are the coolest thing on earth !!! great job !!!!


The Rypple Effect said...

I agree...way to go on making the hats. My mom has taken up making newborn hats ;-) They are so sweet for brand new babies. A lady at my school started making hats like you do and she made sock monkey hats also...I love the owl hats - she made my little one one of those. How much are you selling them for? I would love the hello kitty hat. Blessings - Laura

Erin said...

It depends on the size, Laura. Anything under 1 year old I'm selling them for $20 ($5 for shipping) and over 1 is $25~

Kari McCallon said...

Erin I love your hats! You are doing an excellent job.

And please keep writing. Because I love it when you do. :)

Kami D. said...

Your blog stocker would be very sad if you quit writing...that would be me. I love how you write! AND you have a great sense of humor. Something that I am learning is a must as a mom...

Amy Kay said...

If you make a Yoda hat I would totally buy it.