Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yesterday on Facebook

*Texas A&M scores a touchdown and the kid rolls her hands and yells, "Go, COUGARS!" Thus we see which parent is winning the sports team battle. Although, to avoid heartache this year, she might be better off rooting for the Aggies.

(Texas A&M lost, by the way.  The scene at our house wasn't pretty.  Husband was yelling at the TV, Carolyn thought he was yelling at her.  She kept coming over, patting him on the arm, and saying, "It's ok, daddy, it's ok.")

**Today I feel about the BYU football team the same way the Democrats felt about Joe Biden after the VP debate: they did better than I thought they would and managed not to make complete fools of themselves.

(BYU held on until the middle of the 4th quarter despite several turnovers.  I was shocked.  I thought it was going to get ugly fast.)

***The Kid just brought me her Pillow Pet and said, "He has a zit on his back. You fix it. He'll be brave." Ah! Such a sweet reminder that she is 100% my child!

(Looks like we're raising another generation of pickers!)

And also, not on Facebook, when we were down at the hospital for a doctor appointment on Friday, we got to see the med evac helicopter take off.  Since then Carolyn's been repeating over and over, "Helicopter, pick up people who are sick, bring them back to the hospital, they get better, they get medicine.  They get food.  And rice.  And gravy.  And green beans.  And Spiderman."

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