Saturday, October 13, 2012


I took a class on making tutus this week.

I've found that many, many women are very emotional about tutus.

Like they think it's a rite of passage for little girls.

Having never had a tutu as a little girl, I don't really get it.

But, they sure are cute.  And frothy.

Carolyn wore the one I made almost least until I told her I wanted to take a picture and then she took it right off.


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BexxT said...

As someone who did wear tutus A LOT as a child, I can honestly say that they are basically the best thing ever. My ballet teacher used to pull out her box of tutus on special occasions (holidays, random class days, birthdays) and I still remember the complete and utter excitement at getting to wear such a fun flouncy skirt. But I also got to dance in them when I wore them. Which is basically small child meth.

I was also a complete tomboy- I just also happened to be a dancer. I wore a LOT of tutus. And let me tell you, let those girls wear em now because 1 out of a million girls wil look good in one come 16. Those things make anorexic girls look fat. I don't know how I could be 5'9" 135 pounds and still look like a mack truck in some of my high school ballet recital costumes. It boggles the mind.