Friday, June 01, 2012

This Week

1.  I finally got up the courage to take my first spin class this morning.  I am sorry, but I'm pretty sure they need larger seats on those stupid bikes for those of us who are, um, blessed with a little extra in the trunk.  I felt like I was falling off the entire class.  It was only thirty minutes long, but I came out of there feeling like even my girl bits were bruised.

2.  At least the people in the class were super helpful and friendly.  Boob-Job Lady helped me to get the bike at the right settings and showed me how to fix up the foot cages.  I said, "Do I have to put my feet in those?" and she said, "Well, either that or put your clip shoes on."  Ass-cuse me?  Do I look like a girl who has clip shoes?

3.  I totally felt out of place in the class, though, as I was the only one whose gut smacks up against her knees with every rotation of the pedals.  I felt like I was knocking the breath out of myself!

4.  I also met with a personal trainer for the first time today (who also happens to be the spin class instructor).  She has also had to go through hormone therapy and guess what?  Turns out that over-activity can lead to the hormone therapy making you sicker than you would normally be.  Awesome.

5.  She didn't really set up a program of any kind for me, but took me to several machines to "check my strength".  We worked my upper and lower back and shoulders.  She kept saying, "Oh, you're a strong girl, I like that."  Word.

6.  The Southeast Texas summer is upon us.  Blech.  The good news is that I think I've identified several places where we're welcome to swim.  That means I can actually spend some time outside and not have to hole up like I've done every other summer since I moved here.

7.  Carolyn thinks she is a fish.  Husband bought her this little life jacket that looks like a wrestler's unitard.  She looks like a little bruiser in it.  She wants us to set her in the water and let her move around herself - even unto jumping off the diving board in the deep end.

8.  She's gotten pretty good at pumping her little legs and keeping herself upright for the most part.  Today we practiced getting back upright from a forward or backward roll.  She only consents to this if I keep my hands completely off of her.  If I try to help her do anything, she squeals bloody murder.

9.  I've identified the cat I would like to adopt.  I filled out the paperwork and sent it in.  Then, I stayed awake last night and worried about whether or not I should actually go through with it after Husband repeated that if we got in trouble with our leasing company, he would be really, really mad and even tears wouldn't help me out this time.

10.  I'm feeling anxious and restless and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

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