Friday, May 18, 2012

Two Things

Two things:

1.  I dreamt last night that I was shot in the gut in a gun fight with the Mexican mafia over the last case of Dr. Pepper in the store.  I was holding one of their grandmas and one of their girlfriends hostage and yelling, "Slide it over here.  Nice and slow like, hombre."  In my defense, it was an entire 24-pack I was fighting for and the grandma had been pretty snarky to me earlier in the dream.

I figure this is my subconscious showing me just how upset it is at my Dr. Pepper buying moratorium.

My stomach actually hurts where I was "shot".

2.  This is the conversation I had with Carolyn before Husband woke up this morning:

Carolyn:  Mama, Daddy hun-gee baby.
Me:  Daddy's a hungry baby?
Carolyn: Ah-duh.
Me:  Should we make him some breakfast?
Carolyn:  Ah-duh.  Bacon?  Eggs?  Beans?
Me:  Bacon, eggs, and lima beans?
Carolyn:  Ah-duh.  Daddy hun-gee baby.

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