Thursday, April 12, 2012


1.  The Energy Company is currently here weatherizing the house.  I don't know what that means but I do know that it's supposed to cut down on our energy bill and I'm all for that.  What I'm not all for is being in the house when there are four men here working.  It's awkward.  Plus, whatever they're using to "weatherize" is giving me a giant headache.

2.  I have officially completed two weeks as a gym rat.  I haven't missed a class yet.  Today, I stood by The Stripper AGAIN.  I swear, the girl has a girl crush on me and lusts after my dance skills.

3.  On the other side was a lady who was old enough to be my mother.  She was trying to missionary me on the positives of Zumba.  And then she tried to use the commitment pattern to get me to go to the class immediately following Zumba.  Dude.  I know that trick and it will not work on me.

4.  I caught a look at myself in the mirrors today.  I've avoided them at all costs.  Let me tell you that I look nothing like what I thought I looked like.  And it just reconfirmed the fact that I'll never be graceful or sexy.  Blech.

5.  Only in Texas would the cool-down song be about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

6.  I went to Shannon's house today for lunch.  Good grief, but I'm pretty sure it was the best sandwich I've ever eaten.  Kudos to the deli counter at Kroger for providing such delicious meat and cheese selections.

7.  I bought a flat iron and used it today.  It's the very first time in my life where I've used a flat iron on my own.  I really should have been supervised.

8.   And speaking of that, I've had my short haircut for two weeks and I still can't get used to it.

9.  I believe I'm ready for a trip to the beach.  I even ordered a new modest swimsuit that won't show off all of my excess flesh.  Let's just hope it doesn't get a hole in the knee.

10.  Husband found my iPod this past weekend.  The iPod I thought Carolyn had lost on my behalf nearly a year ago.  He also found a highlighter stuck in one of the bendy tubes of the vacuum cleaner.  It takes talent to get something like that stuck and not know for who-knows-how-long.  But that's totally not my fault.  For real.

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