Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Carolyn is obsessed with her letters.

She pretty much knows the entire alphabet and can name the letters on sight.

She points them out on billboards when we're driving.

Of course, half the time, no matter which letter you show her, her first reply is, "A!"

Then when you say, "No, come on, what is this?", she'll say the right thing.

We read the Dr. Suess ABC book about five times every day.

We usually don't get past the R page because Carolyn thinks that Rosy Robin Ross going riding on her red rhinoceros is the coolest thing ever.

This is Carolyn's current favorite ABC video:

I really like the quirky outfits and the blinged out tap shoes.

It makes me want to take a tap class.

*If you watch this video on You Tube, the ad for Texas' anti-chewing tobacco campaign comes up.  It does a time lapse on what can happen to your teeth if you chew.  Every, single time, Carolyn points at it and says, "Mama!  Teeth!  YUCK!"


Anonymous said...

Well, now you know you don't have to have the Word of Wisdom talk and can be assured she won't try chew. :-D

Kristen said...

The Quick Queen of Quincy and her Quacking Quackeroo!

By the way, stop making the rest of us look bad by having such a smart kid!