Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Business

1.  On my way to work, I pass the local university.  Today, there was a guy walking down the interstate around there wearing a cap and gown.  I'm trying to decide if it was a protest kind of thing - like, I totally got a college degree and now I can't get a job - or if he cuffed some guy coming out of the admin building and stole it.

2.  I went to H&R Block on Friday to get our taxes done.  We usually go to the same lady every year but weren't on the ball enough this year to get an appointment.  Let me tell you what, at the beginning, I didn't like the accountant at all.  By the end I thought she was pretty cool.  That is until she handed me the bill.  True, we did have a pretty weird year financially, so our return was a lot of work, but we paid five times what we usually pay.  The good news is that we got enough of a return to pay the bill.

3.  Also on Friday I was hired by one of the Baptist churches in the area to come to their mother's day out program to give each of the ladies present a 15 minute massage.  At the end they brought the ladies who are in the office in to get a massage as well.  They were both over the age of sixty and a serious crack up.

4.  It was so hot in the Zumba studio yesterday that I almost fainted.  Again.  After class I had to literally sit on the floor outside the room until I stopped feeling so dizzy.

5.  And I don't know what I did during class, but today my neck is really, really sore.  I'm pretty sure I bruised the neck meat but I don't know how.

6.  Husband was called to be the first counselor in the Stake Young Men's presidency on Sunday.  We've known about it for three weeks and were told to keep it on the down low until they issued the actual call.  I'm going to have to say that I kept the secret better than Husband did.  And that's saying something.

7.  I made some pulled pork on Sunday using this recipe.  Let me tell you, it might be the very best crockpot recipe I've ever tried.

8.  I had to go to Walmart last week.  I still hate that place.  I asked one lady to help me find something.  She couldn't find it so she asked two other ladies and neither of them knew anything either.  Why do they even bother to employ people there?  Why not just let people wander around and find stuff themselves because that's basically what's happening already.

9.  Carolyn brought me a can of green beans this morning and asked for them for breakfast.

10.  We've also taught Carolyn how to say, "NIIIIIICE!"  I think it's hilarious.


The Livingstones said...

Well say what you want about Walmart, but you have to hand it to them. I ordered an inexpensive double jog stroller so I can actually leave the house this summer, and it was $110 less than what diapers.com was selling it for. $100 - that's insane! Luckily I had $70 worth of gift cards, so I only paid $80 for it. I thought it was worth saving my sanity.

Teagan said...

Are you going to teach the discussions to the mothers at the Baptist church? Little spiritual thoughts would be nice. :)