Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hoarder

I'm scared my kid is going to be a food hoarder.

Here's what's happened over the last two days:

1.  On Saturday, Carolyn asked for some cookies.  I'd bought some girl scout cookies (bless the little brownie's heart that sold them to me, you could tell she hated being there, just like I did when I was little and had to sell stuff) on Thursday so I went looking for a box of them.  I looked and looked for over twenty minutes and couldn't find hide nor hair of them.  Then, I crawled into Carolyn's blanket fort and there they were, stashed away for her private use.

2.  We sat in the back row at church yesterday.  When the young men are done passing the sacrament, they line up right behind the back row with the trays of bread.  Well, several of them were standing just a bit too close and Carolyn went in for the kill on the trays.  She would smile at the boys, say, "Hey, guys!" and then lunge to get a fistful.  One by one, the boys backed away, so Carolyn tried a little misdirection, pointing at the door saying, "Doggy!  Doggy!  Where did it go?"  She only got one extra piece of bread out of it, but she was still pretty pleased with herself.

3.  Our friends blessed their baby at church and afterward had a little luncheon we were invited to.  After about an hour or so, I'd lost track of Carolyn.  I just figured she was out playing with the other kids so I didn't give it a second thought.  But she wasn't with the other kids.  This is where we found her, all by herself:

(You can't see it, but there is one bite taken out of every one of those cookies in front of her along with at least three left in the box.  And she'd drug her fingers through the frosting on both of those cupcakes.)

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