Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garden de Pot - 2012

The garden is planted!

Cucumber (1)

Green Pepper (1)

Tomatoes (4 - three different varieties, which I totally didn't mean to do.  I apparently wasn't paying attention when I picked them up)


Chocolate Mint

Basil (2)


The hummingbird feeder is open for business.

And the light of my life is enjoying her beach-in-a-tiny-plastic-swimming-pool.

I'm hoping the plants reach maturity this year....Carolyn thinks that every time she goes outside, she has to take a handful of dirt out of every, single pot to throw on the ground.  She's also already removed all the stakes from the tomatoes and dug up the cucumber once.  Looks like I'll have to guard them with my life.

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