Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About Carolyn - What I Don't Want to Forget

1.  I have this little plastic, Japanese, maneki neko figurine someone gave me when I left Japan.  It's been sitting on a bookshelf in Carolyn's room since we've been married, granting us luck (although, in the past year, it's done a pretty crappy job).  Carolyn finally spotted it yesterday and has been carrying it around the house ever since.  She keeps trying to tell me that the cat needs to go "night night" and swinging it back and forth while I sing "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" for her.  Then, she wraps it up in a blankey (usually daddy's undies) and tells me to be quiet:

2.  Carolyn has also started trying to feed her stuffed animals her dinner.  One of her bears now has pizza smashed all over it's nose.

3.  When we read, Carolyn now asks permission to "take" stuff out of the books to pretend to eat or give to her daddy.

4.  She is really, really into possession of objects.  Everything in the house except for my Kindle is daddy's.

5.  She's becoming quite a bit more socially shy than she ever has been.  She used to go to just about anybody.  Now, she hangs pretty close by me if we're in a place we've never been before.

6.  She is obsessed with lights and light switches.  She points at them and says, "Faff!  Faff!"

7.  She's mimicking more and more of what I say, but only when I don't want her to.  

8.  Today, I told her we were going to the store and she said, "Lowe's?  Lowe's  Lowe's?"

9.  I get a kick out of her pointing stuff out to me when we go out.  Her faves are kuck (truck), bo (bird), ca-yo (car), bebe (baby), ba-po (diaper), gokuk (yogurt), lady, toes, fow (flower), goggy (dog), and guck (duck).

10.  She misses her daddy now that he's back at work - she carries around one of his mission picture holders for part of every morning, pointing at the pictures and saying, "Daddy?  Where did he go?  Bye bye, daddy!"

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