Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Dentist

Carolyn had her first dental appointment today.

She was pretty fired up at the amount of people in the waiting room she got to converse with during our 45 minute wait.

She was doing her baby jibberish to a 3-year-old black boy and he kept getting right up in her face and yelling, "I don't know what you is sayin' little girl!"

After that reception, she turned her full attention to a little Mexican kid who kept telling her to get lost in Spanish.

She thought it was a game, so she proceeded to write on his pants with an ink pen and steal the phone he was playing with.

She liked the dental chair:

At least until they thought it was a good idea to clean her teeth.

She was trying so hard to say "ahhhh" while crying at the same time.

It was pitiful.

At the end of the cleaning, they gave her a sticker, a balloon, and a new toothbrush.

And let me tell you what, there was no love lost between her and the dental hygienist as Carolyn jumped off the chair and ran for the door yelling, "Bye Bye!  See you later!"

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